Berlin's oft-overlooked Aera readies debut album <i>Offseason Traveller</i>: stream a track inside

Up-and-coming producer Aera has announced details of his debut album, Offseason Traveller.

We’ve been fans of Aera for quite some time at FACT: the currently Berlin-based producer, who’s spent his time in various countries in the years we’ve been aware of him, has served the last half-decade quietly releasing excellent house records, mostly through his own Aleph Music label. The press release for Offseason Traveller describes it thus:

“It is a personal notebook of his voyage of discovery to the vast landscapes of Peru and Bolivia, fleeing Berlin in pursuit of new ideas, eyes and ears. Drawing upon influences as diverse as German krautrock, Detroit machine funk, South American ethnic percussion and UK bass music, Offseason Traveller takes the listener on an exploration through the ever active imagination of Aera.”

Offseason Traveller will be released through Aleph on March 4. You can stream a track from it, ‘Iguazu Express’, below.



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