Download Blue Hawaii's pressure-cooked remix of Majical Cloudz's 'Turns Turns Turns'

Montreal odd-poppers Majical Cloudz have been given a rework by fellow Canadians Blue Hawaii.

The girl/boy duo, affiliated with Grimes/d’Eon home Arbutus Records, have one full-length release to their name, 2010’s muggy dream-pop LP Blooming Summer, plus a collaborative effort with Alberta sideways rockers BRAIDS. All very winsome, but their Majical Cloudz remix points towards an outfit with a firm understanding of producing dance fare proper, as opposed to souped-up pop.

In original form, ‘Turns Turns Turns’ was a melodramatic bit of 80s-fied pop, haunted by the ghost of peak period Ian McCulloch. By contrast, Blue Hawaii’s turn (ahem) is a restrained techno cut, light on its feet and heavy on the echo. Like UK contemporary South London Ordnance’s breakthrough releases, it’s techno with a dubby sensibility and a greyscale feel. Rich, tactual stuff. [via XLR8R]



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