Dutch house extrovert San Proper is playing Fabric in London this Saturday, and to warm himself and us up for it, he’s put together a new mix.

Dr Proper’s Sleazy Silk Mix is available to download now from the Fabric blog, and gives you a fair indication of what to expect from the Rush Hour staple when he appears alongside Portable (live), Craig Richards and Terry Francis on January 12. Here’s what he has to say about it:

It was a dark, steamy and quivering night…Rain, thunder and flashes lit up the hotel-balcony where she stood draining herself in drizzle, dressed in an ornament of milky-stained silk sheets covering her warm mocca-roasted complex. The dogs down below in the streets started howling as she took out her water-proof-i-pod-purse…whipped it out and pressed play with a juggle as she injected one of the ear-plugs. A cleansing bath of Mr. Clean’s dirty Deep House, to drift with the sound of Dr. Proper’s “Proper Stained Silk fabric Mix.” She’d had to get dressed soon. The club’s awaiting…There’s fire in the sky.

Intrigued? You should be. Buy tickets for the night here.



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