Stream what purports to be Four Tet's remix of Grimes' 'Skin'

Update: Well, it’s Four Tet, but it’s not a remix. Via his Twitter: “It’s just some track I made the other day using a loop from her record… no remix going on or anything.”

It certainly sounds like a Four Tet remix, at least.

Ripped from Four Tet’s Rinse show yesterday, this take on Grimes’ ‘Skin’ has the trademarks of one of his remixes, namely a dusty house groove and a reverence for the the original’s essence. This type of “meet in the middle” remix is why we named Four Tet one of the greatest remixers working today.

However, while Four Tet has shared the remix via Twitter, there is no official word on if/when this would see a proper release (or if it’s actual his work). Listen below and judge for yourself. [via GvB]



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