Falkirk’s scruffy troubadour is back with another LP under his L.Pierre guise. 

Since emerging with Arab Strap in the mid 1990s, Aidan John Moffat’s been a reliably lugubrious presence, turning out bruised, heartsore and (occasionally) bitter meditations on life and love. As a solo player, he’s released some wonderful records: highlights include 2002’s Hypnogogia (as Lucky Pierre), 2008’s erotic suite I Can Hear Your Heart, and last year’s collaborative LP with Bill Wells, which won the inaugural Scottish Album Of The Year award.

The Island Come True is Moffat’s fourth album under the Lucky Pierre alias, here shortened to L. Pierre. According to Moffat, the instrumental album reflects the “insomniac, slightly frightened side” of his character, and serves as a rejoinder to the “clean and clinical” nature of much contemporary music. Accordingly, The Island Come True is a richly atmospheric record, opening with the clanging of a ship’s bell and occasionally nudging into the sort of elegiac territory explored so poignantly in Leyland Kirby’s work as The Caretaker.

Stream The Island Come True below, courtesy of The Quietus (who Moffat once wrote a highly entertaining advice column for, incidentally). The album is due on Melodic later this month.



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