Watch another lesson on the Roland TR-808 by electro kingpin Egyptian Lover

Let’s be crude for a minute: Egyptian Lover is one cool motherfucker.

So cool, in fact, that last year’s FACT TV episode with the electro veteran – where he gave us a lesson on his favoured Roland TR-808 drum machine, making a beat from scratch on the rhythm composer in his hotel room and playing it straight out of the alarm clock (what did we tell you? Cool motherfucker, right?) – is the most popular thing we’ve hosted on the channel for several years. Before he puts in the kick drum, he rolls up his sleeves. That is the kind of guy we’re dealing with here.

On a new video feature by Red Bull Music Academy, the Lover talks RBMA through his backstory – and, obviously, the beat – behind his classic 1984 single ‘Egypt, Egypt’. For those of you who enjoyed the FACT TV video and are keen to see more, here you are:



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