Grab an ultra-rare 1994 cassette album from the Pasadena boogie lord. 

DâM-FunK has a habit of putting his juvenilia on full public display: 2010’s wonderful Adolescent Funk collected unheard material from 1988-1992, and he’s continually fired out vintage demos and ancient experiments through his Soundcloud. Still, it’s not often you’re gifted an entirely free cassette album from FunK’s salad days.

The edited version of Tranquil Funk features eight tracks dating back to heyday of G-funk. The selection was recorded in the producer’s bedroom, and is the definition of rare: only two of the singer/producer’s “close friends and associates” were given a copy of the tape. FunK’s on a solo tip across the tape, with the exception of ‘It’s Only You’, which features contributions from Suzanne.

The download comes with an accompanying blurb from FunK:

“At this time in my life I was very young in the mind (via the ‘immature use’ of the ‘N’ word, in ‘some’ of these tracks & a word I NEVER will use in ‘my own personal music’ ever again), yet musically advanced amongst my peers. This ‘limited time only’ FREE DOWNLOAD is a snapshot in time, in relation 2 my story & origins within this music game.

*Thanx for your interest & giving this era of my music output some ear time”.

Click below to download or stream Tranquil Funk. You can peep his fancy new Dam Drum 2.0 drum machine here.

1. KDGR Dj announcement
2. Satisfaction
3. L.A. Ride
4. I Know What’z On Your Mind
5. Conversation 2/ Hood Shouts
6. It’s Only U (Feat. Suzanne on demo vocals)
7. Tranquility
8. Outro



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