Long-running New Wave institution OMD have announced their latest LP. 

Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys’ electronic pop outfit have been toiling away since 1978 now, releasing a number of seminal 1980s LPs (Architecture And Morality; the venturesome Dazzle Ships), shrinking down to a solo vehicle, and eventually returning in earnest in the 2000s. The band’s last release was 2010’s History Of Modern, which marked their proper return to making studio LPs.

As Clash report, the band will release their twelfth studio album later in the year. English Electric will feature twelve new tracks. The band’s Andy McLuskey promises a record that touches on “a sense of loss, of melancholia, that things haven’t turned out the way you wanted them to, whether it be with technology or personal relationships”.

A teaser of album track ‘Decimal’ has been offered up as a trailer, and features animation from German designer Henning M. Lederer.

The album is due on April 8; the tracklisting is below.

1. ‘Please Remain Seated’
2. ‘Metroland’
3. ‘Night Café’
4. ‘The Future Will Be Silent’
5. ‘Helen of Troy’
6. ‘Our System’
7. ‘Kissing The Machine’
8. ‘Decimal’
9. ‘Stay With Me’
10. ‘Dresden’
11. ‘Atomic Ranch’
12. ‘Final Song’



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