You wait for a Todd Terje story…

We’ve already snouted out a lovely mix of classic Terje 70s/80s edits earlier this morning, and now we stagger into the light proffering a new collaboration with fellow Norwegian space-disco cadet Lindstrøm. ‘Lanzarote’ is reportedly “an ode to package tourism and cheeky holiday destinations”, which, we suppose, makes it the cosmic disco equivalent of ‘We’re Going To Ibiza!’.

It’s an apt description: the track is all jaunty synth stabs and ringtone-ready hook lines. There’s also some daft-as-a-brush toasting at the end (“I wanna go to Teener-reefa!”). As the snow begins to tumble, it’s a lovely reminder that you’re only six months away from boarding that cramped RyanAir flight to Kos.

‘Lanzarote’ drops today on Terje’s Olsen Records imprints, and comes bundled with a DiskJokke remix. A vinyl release is also on the cards. The track is accompanied by the news that the two will be teaming up for a host of festivals later in the year: Sonar, Melt!, Nuits Sonores and A Day At The Park can all expect some Scandi-stardust. [via SPIN]



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