Download 'Numbers Station', a hypnotic ambient piece from Pariah

It’s sometimes hard to remember considering the walloping techno he’s currently producing with Blawan, but Pariah made his name crafting delicate, chilly beat music.

Although the Karenn project has been his highest-profile enterprise to date, the London producer has continued to turn out phantasmagoric 2-step and house as a solo artist. Last year’s Rift for R&S was a case in point: the shuffling title track brought James Blake’s digital threnodies to mind, and the just-about-drumless ‘Among Those Metal Trees’ was a finespun ambient composition.

As Juno Plus report, Pariah has upped a free “old beatless track of mine” onto Soundcloud, and it shows him continuing to indulge his more introspective tendencies. ‘Numbers Station’ is a lovely bit of ambient drift, with touches of Ekoplekz’s 2012 spooky Dromilly Vale disc. If Karenn shows Pariah playing Mr. Hyde, ‘Numbers Station’ is three and a half minutes in the company of Dr. Jekyll.



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