Parisian imprint InFiné turn six this year, and they’ve recruited the man behind 1970s electronic landmark Oxygène to help out with the festivities. 

Previously responsible for releases from the likes of Apparat and Downliners Sekt, InFiné have cultivated an eclectic roster over the years, and have a nice line in releases which nod towards ambient music without totally abandoning the needs of the dancefloor.

As Resident Advisor report, French electronica giant Jean Michel Jarre has been charged with selecting and arranging his favourite releases from the label. InFiné by JMJ might sound like a perfume, but it’s actually a 12 track collection of previously released material from a host of label veterans.

Among the better known names featured are Mexican ambient veteran Murcof, who contributes ‘Como Quisiera Decirte’, and piano-meets-electronics outfit Aufgang. Other material comes from playful French producer Danton Eeprom, Oxia and Rone, amongst others.

The album can be streamed in full over at InFiné by JMJ is out now.

01. Oxia – Exaila
02. Murcof – Como Quisiera Decirte
03. Rone – Tasty City
04. Aufgang – Sonar
05. Clara Moto – Goodnight Twilight
06. Cubenx – Grass
07. Spitzer – Marsch
08. Composer – Polar Bear
09. Agoria – Under The River
10. Danton Eeprom – Vivid Love
11. Arandel – In D#7
12. Rone – Parade



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