As Polysick, Rome’s Egisto Sopor specialises in tape-damaged electronica and deshabille dance music. 

Following releases on 100% Silk and Legowelt’s (now defunct) Strange Life Records, the musician/video artist released the splendid Digital Native on Planet Mu in 2012. That record tilted between rickety Drexciyan electro and ersatz exotica; for an album reliant on analogue crackle and elementary electronics, Digital Native felt oddly rootsy – verdant, almost.

As Resident Advisor note, Sopor is preparing to release his third LP, this time on Ghent’s audioMER label, (previously home to Hieroglyphic Being and Japanese experimenter Sachiko). The eight-track collection will be called Daydream, and will be the label’s first release following what appears to be a year’s sabbatical.

Daydream is due on March 4. Digital Native‘s ‘Transpelagic’ is below.

01. Twilight Part 1
02. Twilight Part 2
03. Citylights
04. Haze
05. Blazer
06. Daydream
07. Untitled
08. Unreal City



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