Celebrated photographer and director Anton Corbijn has compiled three decades worth of images of Tom Waits in a glossy new tome. 

Waits/Corbijn ’77-’11 will collect photographs of Pomona’s wildest son, taken by Corbijn over a 30 year period. Over 226 photos are featured in the collection, ranging from shots of a young Waits in Corbijn’s native Holland through to contemporary images of the singer. Introductions come from director (and Waits collaborator) Jim Jarmusch and rock writer Robert Christgau.

Waits has offered a few (delectable) words about the book:

“Anton picks up a small black box, points it at you and all the leaves fall from the trees. The shadows now are long and scary, the house looks completely abandoned and I look like a handsome… undertaker. I love working with Anton, he’s someone with a real point of view. Believe me, I won’t go jumping off rocks wearing only a Dracula cape for just anyone”.

The book will also come bundled with a collection of writings and photos by Waits himself, titled Curiosities.Schirmer-Mosel will release Waits/Corbijn ’77-’11 on May 8. The collection is limited to 6,600 copies. [via Exclaim ]



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