Maurice Fulton's Syclops project to return with <em>A Blink Of An Eye</em> LP

Maurice Fulton’s wonderful Syclops project will ride again at the end of the month. 

The party line is that Syclops is a four piece featuring instrumentalists Sven Kortehisto, Hann Sarkari and Jukka Kantonen, although a bit of rudimentary sleuthing suggests that Fulton’s sidemen might well be products of his own imagination. The project’s been in operation for some time, with a debut 12″ of loose-limbed electro arriving way back 2001. Subsequent EPs got some under-the-radar love (plus a shout-out in Four Tet’s excellent 2006 DJ-Kicks mix), but 2008’s electro-funk masterwork ‘Where’s Jason’s K’ blew up in a big way, cropping up in the upper echelons of plenty of end-of-year lists. A sorely underrated LP for DFA, I’ve Got My Eye On You, followed the same year.

Resident Advisor report that Syclops will ride again with a new LP at the end of this month. Continuing with the ocular theme, A Blink Of An Eye will arrive on Fulton’s digital label BubbleTease, and will feature ten new tracks. No new music is available as yet, but we’d expect more rubbery, playful computer funk from the Sheffield mainstay.

A Blink Of An Eye is due on January 31.

1. Unmatched
2. Jump Bugs
3. Karo’s B
4. 5 In
5. Got To Get Up For Monday
6. Sarah’s E With Extra P
7. Michele’s H With C
8. Raj & Claire
9. Back When Lynn (The Classic)
10. A Blink Of An Eye



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