Romanian producer Cosmin TRG will release a new studio album, Gordian, on April 26.

Formerly just known as TRG, Cosmin released on some of Europe’s most acclaimed labels – Hessle Audio, Rush Hour, Hemlock – before settling down on Modeselektor’s 50Weapons, who released his debut album Simulat in 2011.

Speaking about the album, TRG describes Gordian as “as much a document of my past year as it is the beginning of a conversation. The title references an ancient myth, but describes the very contemporary, impossible task of discerning between real and replicated, authentic and contrived. Coping with facts, objects and bodies, the necessity of ‘making it’, fear of failure, fear of ‘not being happy’ are today’s topics, and Gordian is my attempt at an exploration of those issues.”

Gordian will be released as CD, double-vinyl LP, and in a limited heavyweight vinyl edition. You can stream a sample of ‘Noise Code’ here:


01 New Structures For Loving
02 Gordian
03 Desire Is Sovereign
04 To Touch Is To Divert
05 Defeated Hearts Club
06 Divided By Design
07 Semipresent
08 Epsilon, Epsilon
09 Noise Code
10 Vertigo (CD exclusive from 50WEAPONS019)
11 Terminus Abrupt



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