Saturnine electro-pop singer Gazelle Twin has been remixed by astral navigator Kuedo.

As demonstrated on 2011’s The Entire City, Gazelle Twin does a nice line in The Knife-style pop for troubled souls. Ex-Vex’s man Kuedo, then, is a natural choice to remix ‘I Turn My Arm’, and his edit is a fine bit of space-age melodrama.

As per 2011’s Severant, Kuedo’s remix goes heavy on the neon synths and Blade Runner atmospherics. Yet ‘I Turn My Arm’ feels like something of a departure for the producer: starry-eyed and entirely beatless, it’s closer in spirit to Tangerine Dream – or, more contemporaneously, Oneohtrix Point Never – than it is to, say, last year’s raging ‘Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space’.  

Kuedo’s ‘I Turn My Arm’ remix is taken from the forthcoming Mammal EP, which will drop on January 29. Renaissance Man, Azari & III’s Alixander III and Clint Mansell also contribute remixes. [via Dummy]



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