L.I.E.S., all told, had a scintillating 2012.

Ron Morelli’s label established itself as an endlessly reliable purveyor of oddball house and techno, turning out some classic singles (Bookworms’ ‘Love Triangles/’African Rhythms’ being the pick), some splendidly wayward LPs (Jahilyya Fields’ Unicursal Hexagram, or Professor Genius’ Hassan) and, in the shape of recent primer American Noise, an excellent Rough Guide to this sort of sound. They also found themselves at the heart of plenty of thinkpieces analysing the increased to-and-fro between noise and techno, and, honour of honours, made FACT’s Top 10 labels of 2012.

The label have now dropped details of their first releases of the new year, both of which come from newcomer Vereker. The San Fran producer has yet to notch up a release, but he’s been part of camp L.I.E.S. for a while, making heavily treated videos for the likes of Mutant Beat Dance  and Two Dogs In A House (disclaimer: the latter is thoroughly NSFW).

EP 1 and EP 2 will contain three tracks apiece, with the dominant mode being abrasive, bitcrushed techno. The results, streamable at Rush Hour, range from Randomer-style clatter (‘Disconnect’) through to Chi-town acid house (‘Untitled’) to just-about-unclassifiable exercises in controlled distortion (‘Next’). [via Juno Plus]

EP 1
A1. Rosite
B1. Disconnect
B2. Falling

EP 2
A1. Fear Eats The Soul
B1. Next
B2. Untitled



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