Midland announces <em>Trace</em> on new Aus Music release

Next month, Midland – once based in Leeds, now rolling in South London – will return to Aus Music for another disc of well-crafted, idiosyncratic house music.  

Last year, Midland dropped the great Placement EP for Aus Music, especially notable the delightfully hazy ‘Tape Burn’. He’s also spent plenty of time in the company of others, working with Pariah on a collaborative 12″ for Works The Long Nights and cooking up the punchy ‘101’/’Somewhere’ disc with Breach for Mr. Westbeech’s new Naked Naked label.

Aus Music will handle new 12″ Trace. The title track is the keeper – a tasteful tech house cut which comes over like a dozier ‘Swims’. B-side ‘For (Yacht) Club Use Only’, meanwhile, is the brisker of the two, setting a synth drone over the sort of rattling drum track you might expect from another man with a topographical moniker, Robert Henke.

Sizeable chunks of both tracks are available to stream below. Trace is due on Febraury 18.

A. Trace
B. For (Yacht) Club Use Only



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