Noisy post-punk act Nihiti shares Mark Verbos remix of Marissa Nadler cover 'Ghosts and Lovers'

The remix-of-a-cover provenance is a bit convoluted, but the end result is worth it.

Last year, New York band Nihiti explored the ambient intersection of techno, industrial, and drone on for ostland. The most affecting cut was ‘Ghost and Lovers’, a shoe-gazing cover of Marissa Nadler’s song of the same name.

On February 14, Nihiti will release Ghosts and Versions, a remix 12″ featuring new versions of the song by Mark Verbos, Zebrablood (Nathan from Excepter), Hrdvsion, National Park System, and Alienboy (La Big Vic) via Lo Bit Landscapes.

Stream the “Sordid Future Mix” by NYC techno veteran Mark Verbos below. True to its name, the remix layers the vocals of the Nihiti version with the futurism of a late-night cyberpunk rave.



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