Listen to 'Quit Hatin', a new song featuring unreleased Aaliyah vocals

Another song is crafted from unreleased vocals by the late R&B siren.

Like ‘Enough Said’, the divisive pseudo-collaboration produced by Noah ’40′ Shebib and featuring Aaliyah Super Fan Drake, ‘Quit Hatin’ has a suspicious origin. The snare rolling, bass-heavy beat is produced by LA unknown Knotch (while similarly obscure DJs Dre Sinatra and Carisma paste their drops all over the track). Unsurprisingly, the song is a missed opportunity to properly honor the late singer.

According to In Flex We Trust, the song was released by Aaliyah’s estate to celebrate what would have been her 34th birthday. No word on whether or not this song appears on the planned posthumous Aaliyah record, which is said to feature Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and Drake.

While there hasn’t been any news about the record since last summer, we’d hope whoever is involved is more reverent of the singer than the team on this track. [via Spin]

Update: As mentioned in the comments and elsewhere, the song also appears to sample Aaliyah’s posthumous single ‘Come Over’; the same sample appeared on A$AP Rocky’s ‘Fuckin’ Problem’, which was produced by Drake and 40.



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