!K7 residents Brandt Brauer Frick are best known for the turning out slightly fussy techno using chamber ensemble instrumentation, but their latest shows them turning their formula on its head.

We’re only a few listens into ‘Broken Pieces’, but it already feels like the trio’s best work by a country mile. The track is one of two cuts on their forthcoming Miami LP to feature Jamie Lidell, and it’s a delight – a twitchy electro-funk number in the mould of Scale-era Herbert.

The bulk of the credit has surely got to go to Lidell, whose spirited croon brings some much-needed chaos into BBF’s strait-laced set-up. Still, the trio’s juddering rhythms and tricksy programming suggest a new sense of play at work. Considering the colourful cast lined up for the album – Gudrun Gut, Sa-Ra dude Om’Mas Keith, and Nina Kraviz all feature – we might be looking at one of the quarter’s most interesting electronic pop records after all.

Miami is due on March 11. FACT TV recently took Jamie Lidell record shopping, a trip you can experience vicariously here.



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