Experimentalist Karen Gwyer to release debut album on No Pain In Pop

The Michigan-born, London-based artist explores “Labyrinthine plasmic pulsations” on Needs Continuum.

Gwyer first caught FACT’s attention with the 13-tape release of I’ve Been You Twice, out last May via Patten’s Kaleidoscope. We also premiered her contribution to No Pain In Pop’s second installment of The Bedroom Club compilation (due out next week).

The viscous microhouse of ‘Tehe! Blah blah! Shhhh!’ (streaming below) is not the only pairing between artist and label: on February 25, No Pain In Pop will release Gwyer’s debut full length album Needs Continuum. Juno Plus reports that Gwyer recorded the album while pregnant with her first child, describing it as “both a product and champion of immutable, organic cyclical rhythms and disorientating psycho-physical disequilibria.”

The cover art and tracklist are below, and Juno promises “elements of classicist house, industrial, noise and avant disco with Gwyer’s own processed vocals into one cohesive and at times hypnotically charged album.”

Needs Continuum:
1. Sugar Tots
2. Lentil
3. Pikku Kokki
4. Night Nails
5. Some Of my Favourite Lotions
6. Trapezoid Weekly
7. Waukon
8. Jaija Uses Ancestral Spirit
9. Part B



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