L-Vis 1990 edits Armand van Helden's seminal 'Witch Doktor'; download it now

Night Slugs’ L-Vis 1990 shares a subtle but effective remix of the classic house track.

Armand van Helden’s 1994 breakthrough ‘Witch Doktor’ is a tribute to the power of simplicity: those sirens, the titular sample, and the muted bass are legendary. While his remix couldn’t get past the administrators of his newly launched Soundcloud, L-Vis 1990 has been generous enough to share his take on ‘Witch Doktor’ elsewhere.

The cascading rhythm of ‘Witch Doktor’ has kept the track in ballroom crates for nearly two decades, and L-Vis’s remix seems engineered to capture the attention of that reinvigorated underground scene. A subtle edit, the rhythm has been massaged into something even more frenetic and convulsive than the original.

Download the edit now. L-Vis 1990 will release his Circuits EP on Clone’s Jack for Daze sub-label in mid-February.



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