Baltimore Lords of Misrule Matmos, it’s safe to say, love a high concept. 

The pair are gearing up to release new LP The Marriage Of Two Minds later this year, a record which saw them attempt to beam “the concept of the new Matmos record” into the heads of volunteers. Their latest wheeze, however, is a marathon 66-track mix session, squidged into one lean, highly concentrated hour.

The Traumatic Hypnosis Is A Weapon Of Peace mix sees the pair team up with San Francisco electronic veteran Jon Leidecker, aka Wobbly. Compiled for Polish magazine GLISSANDOs “densinghour” series, the session isn’t exactly one for the lovers, with the emphasis placed firmly on the more cerebral quarters of 20th electronic music. Plenty of electronic pioneers appear, with Pauline Oliveros, Pierre Schaeffer, Laurie Spiegel and Tod Dockstader are getting a (brief) nod. There are some spry moments too, including appearances from Untold, Traxman and John Coltrane, plus a glut of original Matmos/Wobbly material.

The set comes with a cryptic blurb, which we owe it to Matmos to include in full below:

Are spirits in my room watching me at night?

This sounds like a classic sleep paralysis condition in which another presence is sensed.

But it’s not.

Terrible things are on their way. Ghosts, spooks and wraiths, wraiths on wings.

You’re allowed to close your eyes but you must acclaim their presence. It’s because this space belongs to them. They’re hosting you kindly, as long as you follow their rules.

You mustn’t sleep. You must fit the size of the bed perfectly, otherwise you’ll be stretched or your limbs will be cut. Then you’ll be taken and flayed alive by wraiths, wraiths on wings. In flight.

You have an hour before they come. Enjoy every minute of the session.

Enthusiasts of this sort of rapidfire approach are highly advised to check out EVOL’s unhinged 2012 FACT mix. Click below to stream/download.

1. Pierre Schaeffer “Étude aux objets”
2. Bernard Parmegiani “Table of Contents”
3. Mouthus “Non-Eagles”
4. Andrew Skeoch & Sarah Koschak “Spirit of the Outback”
5. Arcane Device “Studio Back”
6. Matmos “Dry Ice for Matthew Barney”
7. Charles Amirkhanian “Vers les anges”
8. Kevin McKereghan “Untitled Field Recording”
9. Unidentified Traditional Gagaku Recording
10. Mbuti Pygmies “Elephant Hunt Song”
11. Jim McGrath “Liquid Calm”
12. Pauline Oliveros “Boone Bog”
13. Ihamma “Onomatopeic Song”
14. Laurie Spiegel “Cavis Muris Part IV”
15. Matmos “GRM Cymbal”
16. Anestis Logothetis “Untitled”
17. M. C. Schmidt “Korg Mono/Poly Solo”
18. Don Preston “Analog Heaven, No. 7”
19. Biota “The Few Short Lines (Black Is the Color)”
20. Hugh LeCaine “Coded Music Apparatus: Patterns on the Pitch Graph”
21. Wobbly “FB01”
22. Robert Jan De Neeve “A. F. (1964)”
23. Laura Branigan “Self Control”
24. Sonny and Linda Sharrock “Miss Doris”
25. Bruce Nauman “The True Artist Is An Amazing Luminous Fountain”
26. Fatima Miranda “Canto Largo”
27. Ustad Abdul Karim Khan “Gujri Todi: Beguna guna ga”
28. Ivan Cattaneo “Darling”
29. James Tenney “For Ann (rising)”
30. Yosif Ketchakhmadze “Archaica I”
31. Lucy the Dog “Panting”
32. AtaKak “ObaaSima”
33. Gum “Involuntary Orgasms During the Cleaning of Automobiles”
34. Étant Donnés “Mort Aux Vaches Part One”
35. Untold “Luminous”
36. Laetitia Sonami “While U Wait”
37. David Dunn “Nine Strange Attractors”
38. Musiques Traditionales de Burundi “Solo de flute”
39. Terrence Dixon “The Auto Factory”
40. Population One “Computer Rights”
41. R.A.E.D. “You’ve Gotta Love This City”
42. Pyrolator “Bacano Brothercito!”
43. Traxman “Lady Dro”
44. M. C. and Keith “Serge Solo”
45. Pierre Henry “Le Voyage”
46. Tod Dockstader “Luna Park”
47. League of Automatic Music Composers “Martian Folk Music”
48. Human Flesh “Accident”
49. John Coltrane “India”
50. Jimmy and Stan “Tahiti”
51. Them “One Two Brown Eyes”
52. The Freddy McGuire Show “Release of the Pressure”
53. Bumblebee Unlimited “Space Shuttle Ride”
54. Georges Aperghis “Avis de tempête”
55. Orlando Riva Sound “Moonboots”
56. Ben Johnston “Alarum”
57. Alvin Curran “On My Satin Harp”
58. Klaus Wiese “Touch of Silence”
59. Matmos “Dry Ice for Matthew Barney”
60. Andrew Skeoch & Sarah Koschak “Spirit of the Outback”
61. Harvey Matusow’s Jew’s Harp Band “Wet Socks”
62. Kevin McKereghan “Untitled Field Recording”
63. J “The Sensuous Woman”
64. Pierre Schaeffer “Étude aux objets”
65. Bernhard Parmegiani “Table of Contents”
66. Beneath The Planet of the Apes “Albina” [dialogue]



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