Danny Brown’s made a habit of reaching out to unexpected UK producers.

Brown’s Anglophilia has struck gold on numerous occasions: XXX featured some wonderful team-ups with Paul White, and stonking Darq E Freaker collaboration ‘Blueberry (Pills And Cocaine)’ was one of last year’s most dependable rabble-rousers (we’re excited about that impeding The Bug collaboration, too). On occasion, things have also got lost in translation – just cast your minds back to The D.O.T.’s genuinely catastrophic ‘You Never Asked’.

‘Jealousy’, his new team-up with homegrown producer The Purist, is on a totally different tip to any of the above. The Purist’s spartan instrumental – part ‘Dread’, part The X Files – is wonderfully hypnotic, and that slo-mo Biggie sample is morish in the extreme. The producer’s worked with eccentric MCs like Action Bronson and Piff Gang before, but Brown’s a perfect fit for his elegant, unfussy sound.

‘Jealousy’ is plucked from Tr-ill, due on February 4 through Believe Digital and King Kong Holding Co. Brown isn’t The Purist’s only transatlantic friend: Havoc, Sean Price and Big Twins also feature on the EP. Brown will release new LP Old later this year. Head here to listen, courtesy of Pitchfork.




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