Meet Everyone – leftfield dance music’s pre-eminent supergroup.  

Everyone is the colourful triumvirate of Kindness, Joakim and Jam City (trading here as ‘V. L’Traques’), teaming up in honour of Joakim’s brand new Crowdspacer vinyl label. The label’s founding text promises “fun avant-garde”, “trans-gender dance” and “timeless futurism”, and ‘No Time To Waste’ – premiering here at FACT – is the first chance to see whether Everyone have managed to hit their boss.

As it happens, ‘No Time To Waste’ doesn’t really resemble anything by its constituent parties – there’s none of Kindness’ exuberance, none of Jam City’s pummelling electro-funk, and, bar some weirdo vocals, none of Joakim’s eccentricities. What ‘No Time To Waste’ does sound like is vintage Chicago house, and the trio channel the spirit of classic house with some aplomb. There’s an innocence and straightforwardness at work on ‘No Time To Waste’ that’s closer in spirit to Larry Heard than the quirky contemporary takes being offered by XOSAR or Two Dogs In A House. It’s catchy, mellow – and really rather lovely.

‘No Time To Waste’ is due on February 11 on Crowdspacer.



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