Rush Hour’s odd little brother No ‘Label’ continues to delight.

The sub-label has only got a handful of releases under its belt, but they’ve all been fascinating little curiosities. Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt (as Ramirez) got proceedings underway with two separate releases, and Stella OM Source and Heatsick have both found a home on the imprint. Dutch veteran Aardvarck, meanwhile, set the bar with ‘Nubian’, a scintillating bit of scorched-earth electro.

The label’s first offering of 2013 arrives from Black Deer, aka William Burnett. Burnett helms the WT REcords label, responsible for releases from Hunee and Ex Vivian (plus a great reissue of Paul Woznicki’s 1981 synth wig-out WOZ). He’s also caught notice as a producer in the last few years, turning out blunted house releases for all the right people: L.I.E.S, The Trilogy Tape and Crème Organization have all played host to his work under the Willie Burns moniker.

Trail Of Tears will collect tracks from the project, and show Burnett on especially out-there form. The two A-side tracks have the tempo and timbre of DFA’s nu-disco, but Burnett’s scuzzy production and weirdo sample choices take them to a different planet entirely. The flip is even weirder: ‘Native’ is a Wild West-themed drone piece, and the title track is a freefloating piece of dubby electro.

Trail of Tears will arrive in February. The whole EP is available to stream below, and should be considered recommended-verging-on-compulsory listening. [via Juno Plus]



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