Dean Blunt shares details of first official solo LP, <em>The Redeemer</em>

The Redeemer promises a “lifting of the veil of tape hiss and blurred signifiers” that characterized his previous work.

First announced late last year, The Redeemer follows last year’s long-form The Narcissist II. The erstwhile Hype Williams member spent the end of 2012 staging plays and collaborating with James Ferraro.

While press materials suggest a sonic evolution, The Redeemer appears to continue the thematic thrust that begin with the abusive relationship narrative that formed the backbone of The Narcissist II, saying that Blunt “evokes bygone memories, from first kisses to humiliation and heartache, be it as the heartbreaker or the heartbroken, and with the acknowledgement that sometimes the two can exist in the same person” on the LP.

The 19 pieces that make-up the work are said to be his “most romantic collection of compositions” yet, “orchestral sonatas drift into ravaged 4am ballads and feral psychedelia.” One of our most anticipated albums of the year, The Redeemer is due out on May 1 through Hippos In Tanks and World Music, the imprint Blunt launched last year with compatriot Inga Copeland; the cover art is below.



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