Eglo boss and Rinse FM regular Alexander Nut shows off his Shaolin style on a Wu-Tang focused mix. 

Produced for Oki-Ni, the ‘WUTANGISFORTHECHILDREN’ mix sees Nut play tribute to New York’s great rap eccentrics. Selections include vintage crew cuts (‘Protect Ya Neck’), classic solo joints (‘Liquid Swords’), and more underrated Wu ephemera (Gravediggaz, Busta Rhymes’ Wu-stacked ‘The Heist’). With a selector of Nut’s calibre at the controls, it’s a brisk and enjoyable trip down memory alley.

Nut provided the following blurb with the mix:

“I’ve wanted to make a Wu-Tang mixtape for years… since the age of 12 the Wu have been shaping my musical tastes, inspiring me creatively, broadening my mind on the subjects of philosophy, religion, world history, cosmology, science, love and, of course, street life.

“I think I can honestly say I learnt more from Wu-Tang than I ever did in school. Strange as that may sound and as inadvertent as it may be, that’s the truth. Musically, the sound connected with me in an instant… the old soul samples, the Kung Fu references, the comic book characters and alter egos.”

Nut has recently been in the habit of upping vintage guest mixes from his Rinse FM show onto his Soundcloud; stream sessions from the likes of Jamie xx and Andrés here.

WUTANGISFORTHECHILDREN by Alexander Nut by Oki-Ni on Mixcloud



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