Sample Karenn's remix of 'TFB', Kowton's "ode to Ruff Sqwad"

Kowton’s self-styled “ode to ruff squad” will drop soon on Glasgow’s fledgling All Caps imprint. 

Bake’s young label has started strong, releasing Alex Coulton’s jacking Representations EP and, in Helix’s ‘Stacks Riddim’, one of last year’s most effective bits of heavy artillery. Next in line is a fresh release from Bristol’s Kowton, recently responsible for the superlative Peverelist collaboration ‘Raw Code’ on Hessle Audio. Scuzzed-out grime number ‘TFB’ will arrive soon, with a pair of remixes on the flip

The first of those remixes, we now know, will come from Pariah and Blawan’s kit-heavy Karenn project. Considering how bristling the original cut is, Karenn’s take is, for once, probably the gentler of the two. Those eardrum-shattering snares and the wheedling synth motif, however, ensure that Karenn’s edit is anything but easy listening. Stream a sample of the track below, plus Kowton’s original.



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