The Illuminati Prince/ss gets freaky in the video for ‘Kingpinning (Ice Cold)’.

As the fire-starting New York rapper told FACT last year, “Mykki is many characters: Mykki is boy Michael, or Mykki with blond hair, or Mykki with braids, with blue eyes or three eyes.” Those incarnations and more are on display in the Clarence Fuller-directed video for ‘Kingpinning’.

Off last year’s Cosmic Angel mixtape, ‘Kingpinning’ is Blanco’s most immediate rap yet. In kind, the video is reminiscent of so many rap clips past, with the notable inclusion of gimp masks and leather gear. Brenmar, who produced the the haunting track, has a cameo in the video.

Blanco appears in Spit Gold Under An Empire, a documentary about the New York underground and is touring Europe through February.



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