"Why condemn a man?": Rohan Marley defends Snoop Lion in face of criticism from the Rastafari community

Snoop Lion hasn’t been the Rastafari movement’s favourite person this week.

First off, reggae giant Bunny Wailer took a pop at the singer’s recent reincarnation, suggesting that the singer’s appropriation of Rastafari culture is “outright fraudulent”. The Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council then stuck in the boot, penning a nine-page letter asking that Snoop apologise for his behaviour and remove the ‘Lion’ part of his name.

A beleaguered Snoop has now had a high-profile defender – Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley. As TMZ report, Marley the younger has suggested that those who cite Snoop’s worship of the reggae legend as a mark of dilettantism have made a mistake: “Our father’s name should not even be mentioned in this issue because like a true Rasta, he would have embraced Snoop’s reincarnation and welcomed the positivity. Why condemn a man for his love of Rastafari and Bob Marley? We have been cool with Snoop before his transformation and he will continue to have our blessings and support.”

Snoop Lion’s most recent transmission, ‘Lighters Up, is below.



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