Björk launches Kickstarter to expand <em>Biophilia</em>, support educational program

The Icelandic artist seeks to bring the Biophilia app to the Android and Windows 8 platforms.

Björk’s Biophilia has consumed the artist’s creative life since its release in 2011, spawning an album, an application, a series of unique events, and an educational program.

The next step is an expansion of the app to the Android and Windows 8 platforms, so that the Biophilia Education Program — a non-profit project that explores the intersection of music, nature and technology — can reach more children around the world.

To this end, Björk has launched a Kickstarter with a lofty £375,000 goal, promising donors everything from the app and T-shirts to lithographs, DVDs, and event tickets. Björk’s statement is below, along with a video announcement of the Kickstarter. [via The Creators Project]

the biophilia educational program is a new way to teach children about science and music . it has met with success in many cities , sparking interest from kids and educators all over the world , from south america to east asia to africa . the most interest has come from students from low-income households and schools with underfunded art budgets , and the only way to bring the project to those people is to have biophilia reprogrammed for android and windows 8 . the biophilia educational project is strictly non-profit and volunteer-based , and that’s why we need your help .



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