Maria Minerva practises 'Black Magick' on new single

Arch Estonian chanteuse Maria Minerva engages in more pop voodoo on her latest release. 

In stark contrast to last year’s punchdrunk The Integration disc with LA Vampires, ‘Black Magick’ sees Minerva producing perky, precise pop music. The pulsing electro instrumental and hooky sloganeering make ‘Black Magick’ one of the more upfront things she’s done in a while. It’s anything but straightforward though: like much of Minerva’s high-watermark Cabaret Cixous disc, ‘Black Magick’ strikes a wonderfully ambiguous pose. Minerva counterpoints the sultry (“I die every night in your arms”, “I get my kicks from your tricks”) and the ugly (“You cut me in half, then you put me together again”), making for a disconcerting listen.

‘Black Magick’ is taken from the BLESS EP, due on April 2 via long-time home 100% Silk. [via The Fader]



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