Soul Jazz announce second instalment of <em>Deutsche Elektronische Musik</em> compilation series

In March, Soul Jazz will release the sequel to 2010’s Deutsche Elektronische Musik compilation.

Soul Jazz’s original set offered a broad overview of Teutonic electronic music from 1972-83, and featured material from Cluster, Ash Ra Tempel and Can. As per the last record, Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2 is more of a primer than an investigative set, leaning heavily on the biggest and best-regarded acts of the period.

Can, DAF, Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh and Faust are all represented. Soon-to-be collected keyboardist Hans-Joachim Roedelius features repeatedly, with nods towards his solo material and his collaborative works with Eno and Moebius. Harald Grosskopf and Pyrolator, both recipients of excellent reissues in the last 18 months, are also included, as are Conrad Schnitzler and Amon Düül II.

Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2 will drop on March 11. The disc arrives with notes from writer David Stubbs, responsible for 2009’s fine survey Krautrock: Cosmic Rock And Its Legacy.

1. A.R. & Machines – Globus
2. Can – Halleluwah
3. Roedelius – Le Jardin
4. Michael Rother – Karussell
5. Popol Vuh – Der Grosse Krieger
6. Michael Hoenig – Sun and Moon
7. Agitation Free – You Play For Us Today
8. DAF – Co Co Pino
9. Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
10. Amon Düül II – A Morning Excuse
11. Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza – Fata Morgana
12. Bröselmaschine – Nossa Bova
13. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius – Base & Apex
14. Gila – In A Sacred Manner
15. Wolfgang Riechmann – Himmelblau

CD 2
1. A.R. & Machines – Als Hätt Ich Das Alles Schon Mal Gesehen (As If I Had Seen All This Before)
2. Gila – Sundance Chant
3. NEU! – Isi
4. Pyrolator – Danger Cruising
5. Sergius Golowin – Die Weisse Alm
6. You – Electric Day
7. Niagara – Gibli
8. Popol Vuh – Ja Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heissen Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei
9. Rolf Trostel – Der Prophet
10. Electric Sandwich – China
11. Asmus Tietchens – Zeebrugge
12. Faust – Krautrock



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