Soft-touch electronic outfit Vondelpark have provided comprehensive information about their debut album, one of our gentler picks for 2013.

Lewis Rainsbury’s band first showcased their brittle, bruised electronica on 2010’s Sauna EP, and sounded even more melancholic on the following year’s NYC Stuff And NYC Bags. New album Seabed, set to be released through R&S, will be their first full-length, and follows on from the Happa-enhanced ‘Dracula’ single.

Seabed will feature 10 tracks, including pre-release taster Dracula’ (and, wonderfully, a track called ‘Bananas (On My Biceps)’). According to Rainsbury, the LP promises “the ultimate bedroom listen. There’s a lot of closure on the record, about feelings to do with being young and in love”. Seabed‘s ‘California Analog Dream’, originally featured in more primitive form on the Sauna EP, is available to stream below.

Seabed will drop on April 1 through R&S.

1. Quest
2. Blue Again
3. Dracula
4. Come On
5. Always Forever
6. California Analog Dream
7. Closer
8. Seabed
9. Bananas (On My Biceps)
10. Outro 4 Ariel



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