Metro Zu weirdo Lofty305 releases <em>Intimacy 3</em> mixtape

The super-prolific Miami artist gets romantic on his latest effort.

Lofty305 is a part of Miami’s Metro Zu, the rap collective that has spent the last few years dropping mixtapes with a frequency second only to Lil B. The high concept log-line for the crew’s sound would be “Spaceghostpurrp goes to art school;” last year’s breakthrough Mink Rug included sideways pimp anthem ‘Sell Ma Hoe’, and their Zuology was arguably the filthiest release of 2012.

Along with their group efforts, Metro Zu’s members have lengthy individual discographies. Lofty305’s Intimacy 3, as the title suggests, is the third offering in a series of mixtapes that muse on sex, love, and romance, albeit with a Metro Zu flavor. Heavy on weed smoke ambience, the spaced-out offering finds Lofty alternating between languid, cloud-rapping and surprisingly effective crooning.

Intimacy 3 is available on Metro Zu’s Bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want price. In a recent interview with Vice, the currently London-based artist says he’s working on an album with FACT favorite Ryan Hemsworth.



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