Andrew Weatherall toasts his The Asphodells project with a starry-eyed hour long mix. 

Weatherall’s most recent recorded output has seen him returning to the sort of dancefloor-orientated sounds he’s tended to edge away from in recent years (cf the rootsy jangle of 2009’s A Pox On The Pioneers). His esoteric new vinyl-only label Bird Scarer, for one, provided an outlet for winsome slo-mo house releases from Scott Fraser and Black Merlin. Weatherall side-gig The Asphodells, meanwhile, have just dropped the Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust LP, a dreamy psych-rock record taking its cues from A.R. Kane, John Betjeman and Weatherall’s own disco-leaning A Love From Outer Space club night.

In contrast to last year’s jumbo-sized The Masterpiece 3xCD mix album for Ministry Of Sound, the ‘Asphodells Mix’ is a succinct eight-track session. The tracklisting runs from glacial nu-disco (Artwork’s Breton remix) through to pomp-laden house (Mugwump’s ‘Boutade’), with nods towards Clinic and Baris K along the way. It’s a slinky set, full of synthesizer pulses, sinewy basslines, and the sonic equivalent of lens flare.

Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust is out now on Weatherall’s own Rotter’s Golf Club imprint. FACT TV sat down with Weatherall last summer to discuss projects, Bird Scarer and crate-digging – click here to watch. We also recently nattered with fellow Asphodell and “contrary fucker” Timothy J Fairplay.

Andrew Weatherall – The Asphodells Mix
1. Breton – Population Density (Artwork Remix)
2.  Clinic – Title unknown (Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca mix)
3.  Pez – Buddha’s Watching
4.  DJ Candle In The Wind – Hussi Dise
5.  The Milk – Broads (Project Dub Remix)
6.  Pollyester – Voices (Baris K Remix)
7.  Khalidasa – The Induction
8.  The Asphodells – Never There (Hardway Brothers Remix)
9.  Mugwump – Boutade (Redux Mix)



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