Youthful doppelgängers of the Young Turks duo play dress-up in the lo-fi clip for ‘On The Way.’

Following a trend started by Danny Brown and Jessie Ware, Short Stories (aka Koreless and Sampha) have recruited their “little brothers” as stand-ins in their latest video. The pair mime to the flouncing track with a collection of cheap costumes, children’s toys, and — why not? — loads of balloons.

‘On The Way’ weaves samples of Sampha’s vocals and a clip of the phrase “wake me on the way” over a romantic melody and a gently percolating rhythm. The track backs ‘Let It Go’ on the duo’s first single, which is out now on Young Turks.

As previously reported, Koreless and Sampha “forged a friendship playing at Young Turks parties in 2010, and utilised the same Dalston studio which would later become the writing room for The xx’s second album, spending two days with a vast array of synths, drum machines and other instruments, exploring a new sonic palette and learning about each other’s process for creating music.”



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