Caribou goes all Erland Øye on new DJ Koze collaboration.

Pampa’s DJ Koze is gearing up to release Amygdala, his first full-length in eight years.

The album’s absolutely stuffed with guests: Apparat, Matthew Dear, Rhye’s Milosh and Dirk Von Lowtzow all make vocal appearances. The biggest hitter of the bunch is Dan Snaith, aka Caribou – and his turn is now available to stream in full.

Snaith might have spent 2012 making frowzy house as Daphni, but ‘Track ID Anyone?’ sees him back in Caribou mode. The impishly titled ‘Track ID Anyone?’ sets his delicate voice over Koze’s familiar brand of brooding minimal house. The effect is heavily reminiscent of Kings Of Convenience singer Erland Øye’s 2003 LP Unrest, and admirers of Pantha Du Prince’s Black Noise will instantly feel at home. Rather lovely, all told.

Amygdala is due on March 25.



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