Sample some long lost head-nod from the Music From The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 EP

This Saturday saw the premiere of The View From The Other Side, a new documentary about the late producer’s impact on the European beat scene. Sunday, meanwhile, saw the likes of Phat Kat and Kidkanevil taking to London’s Scala for a celebration of Dilla’s life and music. An appropriate time , then, to release new material from the storied Detroit producer.

Odds’n’sods collection Music From The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 EP has been compiled by Frank Nitt, and features a spot from The Yancey Boys, as heard on ‘The Throwaway’. ‘Dewitt To Do It’ is the first track on the collection, and shows us dusky, rootsy Dilla, as opposed to the freaky beat confections found on Donuts and The Shining.

Frank-n-Dank’s Dilla-produced 48 Hrs will also be reissued later in the year. The release follows Ma Dukes’ decision to sell off Dilla’s record collection on eBay.



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