Download the first offering from The-Drum's R&B side project Jody, 'Echos'

The Chicago futurists recruit some friends for their latest project.

JODY is a collaborative effort from The-Drum (Jeremy Chrome and Brandon Boom) and singers David Robertson, James King (aka TheGTW), Cole Johnson, and Khallee Standberry-Lois. Their first single, ‘Echos’, is similar in style to the hypnagogic transmissions of last year’s Sense Net EP.

The project developed organically, adding friends and artists they met through the Internet. “We had ideas of how the tracks should be sang and started recruiting our friends to do the singing,” says Boom, via email. “We just chill in our basement all day and make music, we have so many tracks.”

Stream/download ‘Echos’ below. A video and more singles from JODY’s debut mixtape are forthcoming. As for The-Drum, their full length album Contact is due out soon, with Sense Net re-pressed on vinyl and shipped with the album as a 2-LP set.



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