Ghostly International producer Shigeto has released a free collaborative EP, Beats 4 Dilla.

As you’d expect, the set is designed as a dedication to J Dilla, the Detroit producer and ex-Slum Village DJ who died in 2006, days after the release of his last album (while alive) Donuts. Interestingly, it’s not just Shigeto behind the boards here: two tracks are collaborations with SKYWLKR, a go-to producer for Detroit madman Danny Brown and North London drug ghoul Cas, while the shapeshifting Mux Mool, Devonwho, Josef Deas and I.D. also appear. In Shigeto’s words:

“This set was curated and inspired by J Dilla’s constant integration of countless genres and relentless output. All unfinished tracks. Raw. Uncut. Mostly with friends – made in 1 hour or less. Hope you enjoy. Love you Jay Dee. Eternal thanks and respect”.

You can stream the full set below.



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