Premiere: Lindstrom remixes Charli XCX's latest single, 'You (Ha Ha Ha)'

The Norwegian nu-disco maestro applies his usual starry-eyed treatment to the Charli XCX kiss-off.

‘You (Ha Ha Ha)’ is the budding pop star’s latest sweet-and-sour pop tune. On Sunday (February 10), the single will be released with remixes by BURNS, Goldroom, Melé, MS MR, and — most prominently — Lindstrøm.

Lindstrøm’s remix takes the same rug-cutting, nu-disco tack as his version of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Velvet’. Gone is the earworming sample of Gold Panda’s ‘You’, replaced with a jangly groove, shimmering synths, and some rubbery bass. Stream it below.



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