Monday morning mix round-up: hear MK on Rinse, Footsie team up with Butterz, and a new Slackk mix

Monday morning’s always good for mixes (you know – the whole FACT and Resident Advisor thing), but this Monday’s already better than most. 

On top of FACT’s session by sun-lounger pop king Matt ‘Ducktails’ Mondanile and Resident Advisor‘s Valentine’s Day session by Pillowtalk, Rinse FM’s podcast service has come good with two real beauties. The first comes in the form of US house trendsetter MK – who himself contributed a recent FACT mix – guesting on T. Williams’ Rinse show, while the second sees Newham Generals grime veteran Footsie joining Butterz’ Elijah and Skillliam. It’s a timely session: Footsie’s instrumental retrospective King Original comes out this month; keep your eyes peeled for a FACT TV session where we go into the studio with Footsie this week.

Finally, grime fireband Slackk has posted a new mix to Soundcloud. As those who’ve clocked Slackk’s past mixes for FACT and Mixmag will know, they can usually be relied upon for introducing you to a bunch of grime anthems in the making, and this session is no different: watch for Samename’s ‘Kastform’ and ‘Mishima Curse’, Trends’ rollicking ‘Snakes & Ladders’ and more.

Stream those three mixes below.

T. Williams and MK on Rinse
Elijah, Skilliam and Footsie on Rinse



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