Premiere: stream the debut album from jet-black techno duo Dadub

Italian duo Dadub are primed to unleash their first full album of painstakingly produced darkside techno.

Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti are long-time affiliates of Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts imprint. As well as releasing last year’s Way To Moksha EP on the label, the pair also serve as Stroboscopic Artefacts’ in-house engineering team, mastering releases by Xhin, Perc and Kangding Ray. No scruffy Brooklynite house here: Dadub’s music is rendered with HD precision and an OST composer’s ear for detail.

Next week, Dadub will release their debut full-length, You Are Eternity. Following on from last month’s ground-clearing Preternity EP – which featured edits from Lucy and Rrose, amongst others – You Are Eternity sees the pair practise their dark voodoo over the course of an album. It’s a bracing, immersive listen – as meticulous as one of Monolake’s albums-cum-technical drawings, with a whiff of Perc Trax fire and brimstone. Hard-edged techno is the dominant mode, although Dadub aren’t afraid to veer off-piste; see the noxious GAS of ‘Circle’, or ‘Transfer”s lignite d’n’b.

You Are Eternity is available to stream in full below.

1. Vibration
2. Truth
3. Life
4. Path
5. Circle feat. Edit Select
6. Death
7. Transfer feat. King Cannibal
8. Arrival
9. Unbroken Continuity
10. Experience feat. Øe
11. Existence
12. Iridescent Fragment



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