Storied British artist Dinos Chapman has been confirmed for this year’s Sonar Festival in Barcelona.

Chapman is principally known for the transgressive, darkly humorous sculpture, prints and installations that he has been creating with his brother Jake Chapman since 1991. It turns out, however, that he’s spent the last decade crafting dark, melodic electronica and IDM. The fruits of his labours will see the light of day later this month on the Luftbobler LP, and he’ll follow the release with a full set at Sonar.

As Chapman admits, don’t expect scabrous noise or shock tactics: “Everyone’s going to expect thrash metal or some ear-bending dissonance from one of the Chapman brothers, but that’s too easy That’s what I imagine artists would make. For me, it was always important to make music.”

Chapman joins the likes of Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Vatican Shadow, Lindstrom, Karenn, Nicolas Jaar and Gold Panda on the bill. Luftbobler is due to be issued by The Vinyl Factory on gatefold vinyl, CD and digital on February 25, 2013; a limited edition of the gatefold will include a hand-tipped colour etching.

Sonar runs from June 13 to 15. For tickets and more information, head to the Sonar website.



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