Hotflush alumnus Jack Dixon has set up his own pet imprint.  

In the three years since his Silverback debut ‘Substitute’, the Berlin-based producer has gone from strength to strength, issuing some notable singles (‘Somebody Said They Saw You’, Apollo’s ‘You Won’t Love Me’) and a rich EP of deep house for Lefroom (10997). It seemed like a fairly natural transition, then, for Dixon to move onto Hotflush’s books, as he did on the fine ‘E’/’Find Shelter’ 12″ last year.

As Resident Advisor report, Dixon’s now striking out on his own with a new label, White Asega. All the releases on the label will be distributed digitally, and can be purchased for a price of your choosing. The first dispatch will be a fresh EP from Dixon himself, titled Those Questions. The record, apparently inspired by a stretch of insomnia, features six new tracks, and can be sampled below.

Dixon’s also lined up some impressive contributors for the coming months. Kodiak, responsible for last year’s wonderful ‘Spreo Superbus’ on Numbers, will appear on the label, as will ‘No More’ producer Eliphino. Ghostly Intl’s Dauwd will also brace White Asega’s books before the year is out.

Those Questions is due on February 19 through the White Asega website.

1. Heirloom
2. Park Row
3. Glassworks
4. Is That You
5. Yeah, Nice One
6. The Things I Gave You



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