Xander Harris announces sophomore album for Not Not Fun; stream a song inside

The Austin synth artist preps his second album for the Los Angeles label.

In 2011, Harris debuted on Not Not Fun with Urban Gothic, one of the best albums of the year and the rare horror soundtrack homage that could stand on its own two legs.

For The New Dark Age Of Love, perhaps seeing the creative limits of the slasher score as starting-point, Harris has opted for a “sleek, streamlined, cold-wave/dystopian sound,” according to press materials. Recorded over more than a year at his home studio, Harris used his Austin surroundings as inspiration. “I’d walk around my neighborhood and see so many places just falling apart while next to them were huge million dollar condos, glistening with neon and judgement.”

In that way, The New Dark Age of Love seems closer in tone and style to last year’s cyberpunk tribute Snow Crash; Harris cites Chris & Cosey / Carti Tutti, Klaus Schulze, and, yes, Umberto, as touchstones this time around.

The New Dark Age Of Love is due out April 2 on Not Not Fun. Stream the macabre yet dancefloor-ready ‘Night Fortress’ below; the track listing and sparse cover art follow.

01 Night Fortress
02 Tristitia
03 Legacies
04 I Still Look Young in the Dark
05 Vultures of Tenderness
06 Bring Me Their Heads
07 Red Sky Sprawl
08 When Prophecy Fails
09 Clear Expensive Skies



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