The Beat Konducta drops a free introduction to his landmark 2010-11 Medicine Show project.

The Medicine Show series saw the producer release a colossal amount of new, forgotten and classic material spread over 12 discs (well, 13, if you include the X-rated “secret disc”). All the odd releases in the series featured Madlib originals, whilst all the even-numbered discs were eccentric mix CDs, ranging from reggae to psych-rock. It’s a fantastic body of work, and can be enjoyed in its entirety on last year’s compilation-cum-doorstop The Brick.

In honour of his forthcoming tour of Japan, the Oxnard producer has assembled a free collection of original material from across the series. The 8 track Pill Jar sampler features Karriem Riggins collaboration ‘Interview #4080’, and boasts spots from regular ‘Lib cohorts Guilty Simpson and MED. Stream the collection below, or download it here.[via Potholes In My Blog]

01. Static Invazion (from MMS #5)
02. Episode XVI (from MMS #5)
03. The Paper (from MMS #1)
04. What Can U Tell Me (from MMS #9)
05. The Frontline (Liberation) (from MMS #3)
06. African Voodoo Queen (Drama) (from MMS #3)
07. Interview #4080 (from MMS #11)
08. Funky Butt, Part 1 (from MMS #7)



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